Time Scheduler - App

DOWNLOAD: unavailable at the moment

Build a calendar automatically

Time Scheduler can take date information from your operating system and create calendar structure fully automaticly

Customize calendar's appearance freely

There are many tools here to change calendar's appearance just like you want very fast and precisely. You can save each calendar's look and load later to be able to make changes quickly.

Easily update calendar-schedule

It gives you ability to mark or unmark days fast in a defined way.

Use it to administrate calendar on your website

Time Scheduler has ability to send updated calendars with a single click. For example thanks to language profiles you can automaticly update calendar for all language versions of your website

Short FAQ:

Why it's "unavailable at the moment"?
I can gieve a few answers:
- we want to add few changes and probably some new options before first official release
- proper documentation is not yet ready
- we still have some decisions to make ;)

Will TS be free?
Nope - we have already started selling licenses for this software but we want to make available for download trial version

Can I try it out?
Yes, it's possible - contact us to get more information and help

But I need this now... Can I have it?
As I mentioned we already have sold licenses so if such early access is not a problem for you then pobably yes - you can have it (just Contact Us)
This is how it looks for now (yes app appearance probably will change slightly).
Do not pay attention to the appearance of the calendar because it can be changed freely
application window
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