Bigger update for Modular Gallery


New tutorials incoming


    Here comes update after some time of silence. This time we’re coming with plan of creating solid 3ds max tutorials. We remember time when we were searching for some good tutorials and we remember how hard it was. Finding some of them bugged or not explaining most important things we were counting on.  Watching how someone is preparing model or scene also not always works. And that’s what triggers us to make some detailed lessons starting from total basics to advanced techniques, from modeling to animation and scripting even. I hope you’ll find them useful.

    Here's what we plan for now:

    3ds max basics

    1. UI and Help
    2. Units and gamma settings
    3. Basic shapes and navigation
    4. Selection and manipulating objects
    5. Vews and previews
    6. Precise manipulation, pivot and linking
    7. Grouping, hiding and freezing
    8. Editable Poly
    9. Saving selection
    10. Precise setting - align
    11. Precise setting - mirror
    12. Precise setting - snapping
    13. Face snapping in details
    14. Layer Explorer and State Sets
    15. Scene overload and backups

New scripts in Laboratory


Updated scripts in Laboratory


CtrlBeast 2!

    New version of script (rebuilded from scratch). Flexibility of new CtrlBeast is unbeatable! Go to YouTube and see how it works.

A bit late but here we go :)

  • "AniSplinePainter in the testing phase! Go to YouTube and see how it works.
  • CtrlBeast v.1.1 Tool for 3DS Max animators. It gives you ability to create list of poses and smoothly blend from pose to pose. Version 1.1 use improved rotation blending.
  • Modular Gallery r.0.4 released - a lot of fixes and improvements!

New content in laboratory section

  • Modular Gallery r.0.2 released. This JavaScript library letting you build galleries in modular way.
  • FAQ added.

Another MaxScript!

This script can help you with animation of car wheels >> Constant rotation - speed controller

New content in the Laboratory

New maxscript added. This time it's the tool for snapping/aligning selected vertices to closest vertices.

New content in the Laboratory

We added extended verion of Lytebox - popular javascript content veiwer.
Big thanks to Markus Hay for his excelent free tool :)

There are also Facebook and G+ profiles added. Use them to be automatically informed about any news and actualisations.

New content in the Laboratory

  • Bone FK-IK System added.
  • Distancer has been updated to version 1.21

New application in the lab - Time Scheduler

This application can be used as callendar generator and administration tool

What you can do with it:
  • Build a calendar automatically
  • Customize calendar's appearance freely
  • Easily update calendar-schedule
  • Use it to administrate calendar on your website (you can send updated calendar with a single click)

Few updates


First news on new website

Welcome to our new site!
Lot has changed during all this time and we decided to make some changes here too. It's not just home, gallery and contact right now. This time we added 3 new sections:
  • Tutorials - where obviously you can find some tutorials.
  • Laboratory - a place where there are some apps, scripts and alpha/beta versions of some stuff. Some for free download and some just to show.
  • News - yes, here you can read about what's happening and what's going to happen.

Website itself is done but still some content waits to be placed in laboratory section and it will be done piece by piece within time. There's also video presentation focused on special effects planned for gallery.
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