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I did helicopters scene in Element 3d quite a while ago and some folks asked about a tut. Since this technique is not at all difficult I finally thought upon request that I could do this very short and easy tutorial on how to animate a rotor or propeler in Element 3d in general using this simple workaround. You have to have 3ds Max but since this technique doesn´t require much of 3ds Max knowledge it is easily suitable for beginners as well.

Since element 3d GPU rendering power is beyond comprehension this may be a good solution for certain type of renders where lack or nonexistent raytracing is not an issue. Now the helicopter model I was using and am using is not total junk but since it was a free model there are certainly a lot of issues regarding the model quality. But if you have some great helicopter model... Just Divide and Conquer
Project By Visionlore