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Bottom line of this tutorial is - motion tracking is impossible to teach. Iit's one of those things that are based on experience. Every shot is different. If you handheld it or had a crane or dolly, what tracker you use. Every tracker produces different powers and weaknesses etc. etc. Most important thing is - once you figure out what buttons to click you have to start picking your shots and based on experience and instincts your results would improve too. That's all. I also cover some major element 3d plugin issues which I wasn't able to fix or workaround.

Project files with tracking data and stock footage: http://www.ulozto.cz/xw64Mkw/trackingtutorialaaronproduction-rar

In project files you find tracking data for after effects as well as 3ds max to be able to put something on a ground plane of this particular shot. I've tracked the scene with Boujou 4 and I encourage you'll try motion tracking this first yourself before going to my data. If you get frustrated don't worry. It might be caused by the fact that your tracker may not be able to track this shot just like Boujou does. So dig into this tutorial and have fun.
Project By Visionlore