Distancer v2.0

This script places object exactly onto mathematically precise position between two other objects or on the line. For example on 1/3 of distance between objects or on drawn line. Sometimes you just need to find position which is equal part of some length and this script will help you with such situations.
script tools window


- refreshed look
- tooltips everywhere :)
- new option (button) "Reset Controllers"
Reset Controllers - you can use it to reset controllers and this way remove constraints without affecting positions of objects. This will reset controllers of selected objects in non destructive way - for example you can use this to remove path constraint from objects without breaking their positions.
script tools window


- a bit better error detection


- higher precision (needed for higher amount of objects along the line)
- works with lines and editable splines


old script fixed to be compatible with 3ds Max 2014

Video Tutorial

reposition obj - select object that should change position
division - division you want to use for calculation

Section "Position Obj":

Used to take position between two objects point target 1 - select object (first position point). Script will use position of this object.
point target 2 - select object (second position point). With two position points we can divide lenght between them.
Reposition >> - shift position up.
Reposition << - shift position down. For example for division 1/3 we have 4 positions - length=0, length=1/3, length=2/3, length=3/3 (full length)

Section "Path Constraint Obj":

Use it to take position from spline. "Reposition obj" need to use "path constraint") target line - spline selected with this option will work with "reposition obj" but there is another functionality - choose objects that use path constraint before you pick spline and it will deploy them spaced evenly along the line.
Local(Segment)/Global Reposition - here you can switch between global and local/segment reposition mode.
Local/Segment - uses length of specified line segments (from vertex to vertex).
Global - uses full length of spline.
vertex - jump to specified segment of spline and reset position. Use it with "Local Reposition"/"Segment Reposition".
Reposition >> - shift position up.
Reposition << - shift position down. It works only with "Global Reposition", for "Local Reposition"/"Segment Reposition" use "vertex" setting to reset position.