Laboratory FAQ

Your specialization?

It looks like our specializations are solving problems and unusual tasks. Of course it's often hard to put in portfolio solved problems but we helped many people, studios and companies with technical and artistic tasks.
Thanks to people having many years of hard work experience, we can do really great things as a team.

Bug fixing? Improvements?

It's free content without any real/permanent/stable support so you never know... We don't have much free time and we spend it on this website, documentations and preparations for publishing anyway, and this is why many times we do bug fixing and improvements to our tools occasionally during commercial works, when we need them improved. Many times we are forced to work very fast, so we must focus on specific results and don't have much time to test everything. We do extra work to make things more flexible but we usually don't have time to test it seriously - we care about flexibility because of possible future work, but we are still focused on things we need for specific situation. Another obstacle is character of our work - we do really many things - we are not focused on one type of work. Because of this it may take a long time before some commercial work will push us to improve something, for example, web-developing related. We would love to do more but it's tough situation.
If you want to change this situation you can simply help us somehow - even good testing as well as list of bugs and possible improvements would be nice. No matter how - if you want to help us, simply write to us.

That's all you have?

Nope. We have a lot more but we want to put here only things that we want to share for free or present as some test/experiment. I must admit that almost all what you see in our laboratory is totally spontaneous and hard to explain choice, often influenced by time (how much time we can spend on preparation for website - for example page about Modular Gallery took a lot of time). Another thing is that we want to keep some limits on actualization irregularity and as I already admitted we don't have much time, so many times question "what I can add faster" is more important than "what is more interesting". But please, don't be worry - patience is all what we need and in time you will see more and more really useful and cool stuff.

You could do this... You could do that...

There are many things we would like to do, but we are'nt huge group so must keep some priorities and make compromises. We have many interesting ideas that could be realized - for example it would be very nice to create visual node based editor for Modular Gallery or add SQLLite support for "DATA Transformer, and make better optimizations, descriptions etc. everywhere, but it's hard to imagine that it will happen within a reasonable period of time without some support from outside.


Nope. But we want make some improvements on website which will make it more user friendly :)

What new things I should expect?

We don't know :) I guess you should expect almost everything. Technical articles, applications, file examples (maybe for Houdini FX), rigs, models, some additional files to tutorials, cool small things (collections, tools or something), plugins, tests and experiments, scripts for dedicated software or plain Python, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript and in the future who knows what else.

Do you have work for me?

We do not offer work but everything can change and sometimes some cooperation can be handy. If you are interested you can write to us with no worries - we will answer or not, but you will stay in our contact list anyway ;)

If you have some technical questions about laboratory you can also write to TD -