Best INI Editor v1.0

DOWNLOAD: Portable EXE (Win)
application window options Fast and easy way for modifying and extending any type of INI file. With this tool you can add complex changes with a sigle click, if you're modding fan it will be extreamly useful to work on ini files of ENBSeries, TES Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, etc.

Video Tutorial

Field 1 - drag and drop INI file here to start

commentSpace - add extra space for comments

alwaysFormat - without it formatting is untoched until you add some changes

Save - override file and create backup file with old settings

Field 2 - it's output INI file preview and here you can drag and drop prepared INI configurations (files with configured parameters)

Field 3 - here you can write new values and parameters or simply paste copied settings (for example from webside)

Update - add changes to ini (based on information from field 3)

Highlight - highlight parameters from field 3 in preview (field 2)