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Best INI Editor v.1.0
Status: Available
Type: Desktop Application
Environment: Windows
Technology: AIR (embedded)
Extension: .exe
Dependency: None
Size: 13.5 MB
Installation: Portable
License: Freeware
Best INI Editor v.1.0 DOWNLOAD
(Downloads: 5811)
A fast and easy way to modify and extend any type of INI file. With this tool, you can use presets and make complex changes instantly. If you're a modding fan, this will be an extremely useful tool for working on INI files for games like Skyrim, Fallout etc.;

"Save" option overrides the original file while creating a backup file with a unique number appended to its name.
Open INI file

Use preset file/files

Edit manually

Edit preset before update

Copy/Paste preset - practical example with Skyrim file