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Programming/web dev
Screen Programming
What we do

We are a team of experienced developers specializing in creating custom programming tools, websites, and solutions. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate CMS into any existing website, regardless of design, using custom solutions when needed. This gives our clients the freedom to have any desired design for their website while still being able to easily manage and update their online content.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we price each project individually, ensuring that our clients receive a customized solution that meets their specific needs and budget. With our dedication to delivering exceptional results, you can trust us to bring your ideas to life and drive your business forward.

Projects free from constraints,
easy to manage and maintain

Our approach offers numerous advantages to our clients. First and foremost, it allows us to avoid many typical compromises and design the website according to our clients' specifications, and then integrate CMS as needed. This not only gives our clients the freedom to have their desired website design, but also makes it easier to manage and update their online content. Additionally, the CMS can be added partially, making parts of the website static and keeping the website lightweight for easy use. Optimized design often can be simple and based on easy to read and modify HTML and CSS, so anyone with basic knowledge can make changes. Furthermore, our solutions are designed to be efficient, flexible, and user-friendly. We aim to avoid unnecessary complexity, hard-to-grasp abstraction layers, and overblown solutions often seen in other CMS systems. We are experienced with advanced and intricate solutions, yet we prioritize simplicity and ease of maintenance. This approach is valuable for both complex and straightforward projects, emphasizing optimization, customization, accessibility, and the evolution of ideas.

Tools, solutions, troubleshooting

We are dedicated to improving productivity and efficiency at work by providing custom tools and solutions that help with tasks such as animations, visualizations, interactive presentations, special effects, data management or general automation. In addition, our expertise extends to troubleshooting, making us the go-to solution for clients who are facing problems with their website or animations. Whether you have an extremely broken website or a complex issue with an animation, we are here to help you fix it. With our commitment to providing top-notch service, you can trust us to make your work easier and help you achieve your goals.

Software Software
Check our tools in our laboratory

In addition to programming various custom-made things, we use many tools that we create ourselves. Some of them are available on our laboratory page. There you will find many useful tools and scripts that can make your work easier. All tools in this section are available for free. They can be downloaded and used for any purpose.