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MorphConverter v1.0
Status: Available
Type: Script
Environment: 3D Studio Max
Technology: MaxScript
Extension: .ms
Dependency: None
Size: 2 KB
License: Freeware
MorphConverter v1.0 DOWNLOAD
(Downloads: 43)
This script is tailored for 3DS Max morphers that have additional modifiers placed above them, particularly mesh smoothing modifiers, ensuring they are optimized for export to Unreal Engine 5 or other engines. The script generates a new morpher layer on top and utilizes it to convert all existing morphs to support all modifiers.
MorphConverter clones animation keys for each morph, but it's important to remember that cloned keys will use the currently set "Default In/Out Tangents for New Keys". Current version does not support tangent cloning or animation baking key by key.